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LANDSCAPE & LARGESSE Conference Programme

admin | May 31, 2022

Thursday 9 June 2022

9.45 am: Introduction

10 am: Keynote: Jean Marc Besse (EHESS, France), Heeding the Landscape

Landscapes, Philosophy, Politics

11:30: Annika Schlitte (U. Greifswald, Germany), Place and Landscape: Experience and Politics

12 pm: Anne-Christine Habbard (U. Lille, France), Spaces of Freedom: Anarchist Landscapes

Landscapes of Art and Visuality

2 pm: Laurent Châtel (U. Lille, France), Largesse? Large? The Aesthetics and Politics of Invisible Barriers in English Eighteenth-Century Gardens

2.30: Antje Kempe (U. Greifswald, Germany), Fluid Landscapes

3.30: Marie Gord (Museum Louvre-Lens, France), A Landscape of One’s Own

4 pm: Viviane Stappmans (Design Museum, Germany – via Zoom)

Friday 10 June

Landscapes: Space and Society

9 am: Eric Masson (U. Lille, France), Corine Land Cover 1990-2018: Landscape & Largesse Beyond European Borders

9.30: Marcelina Zuber (U. Wroclaw, Poland), Visual Representations and Their Role in Shaping our Visions of the World

10 am: Lukasz Posluszny (U. Wroclaw, Poland), Distance and Intimacy Towards Nature During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Languages and Landscapes

11 am: Pawel Czajkowski (U. Wroclaw, Poland), The Concept of Space in Modern Sociology

11.30: Konstanze Jungbluth & Linda Pickny (European U. Viadrina, Germany), Largesse at Our Place: Building the Space of our Double City Frankfurt (Oder) / SŁubice

12 pm: Britta Schneider (European U. Viadrina, Germany), Territory, Space and Language – Imagining Post-National Landscapes of Linguistic Citizenship

Languages and Landscapes II

2 pm: Bettina Migge (University College Dublin, Ireland), The Role of Linguistic Landscapes in Processes of Place-making in Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni

2.30: Theresa Heyd (U. Greifswald, Germany), Decentering Linguistic Landscapes.