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admin | June 7, 2022

The Desert as a Screen to Project on. Artistic Research in Illusionary Landscapes.

Installation, screening, and public reading by Michael Disqué and Roman Ehrlich  

Michael Disqué and Roman Ehrlich set out to explore the landscape of the Andalusian movie set desert Tabernas in 2021. With their means of photography and literature, they are trying to bring forth both the underlying truths beneath the illusions created by all the movies (mainly Western) that have been shot there, as well as the underlying illusions beneath the self-images of the inhabitants of the place and those who are still operating an infrastructure that gives tourists of the region the opportunity to visit “authentic” Western villages, as they come to expect them from the movies. Disqué and Ehrlich will interview each other on the process of their respective approach to the gathered material and will give the audience insight into the current state of their work in a mixed-media installation, screening, and public reading. 

The performance will take place on Kleinen Oder Strasse 5 in 15230 Frankfurt/Oder at 6 pm on 9 June.